Our Regional Issues

  • Regional Transportation/Transit
  • Regional Land Use/Quality Growth and Sustainable Development
  • Regional Infrastructure
  • Regional Open Space Conservation
  • Regional Air and Water Quantity and Quality
  • Regional Economic Competitiveness

Regional Transportation & Transit

The purpose of the transportation system is to provide mobility and accessibility for all users. However, the impact of the transportation system is more far reaching than this superficial definition. An efficient transportation system is vital to a region’s economic and environmental health. Congestion impacts the ability to deliver goods and services. It also impacts the quality of the air we breathe.
Our region is recognizing the need to provide a variety of transportation options to address growing traffic congestion, pollution, and health concerns. To learn more about what’s happening in our region click onto one of our partners below.

Regional Land Use/Quality Growth and Sustainable Development

Traditional development patterns place significant development pressure on rural lands because more land is consumed to support a smaller population—a serious issue for consideration when compared with more compact development patterns  and redeveloped areas. To learn more about Cumberland Region Tomorrow’s recommendations for quality growth and examples from across the region click below.



Regional Infrastructure

As our region continues to follow current growth trends, our needs for increased infrastructure will continue. Local and state government responsibilities and costs will increase as the growing population requires additional services. In the face of this reality, it is essential that we guide growth and wisely spend our infrastructure dollars in ways that help fulfill the goals and values articulated by our region’s citizens with an understanding of the ongoing costs that will be incurred.

TACIR Public Infrastructure Needs Inventory

ULI Infrastructure Report

Regional Open Space Conservation

Conserve our region’s land, water, natural, and cultural resources for our future economic, health, and social wellbeing natural beauty and sense of place. Middle Tennessee is characterized by beautiful natural landscapes. The abundance of woodlands, rivers, streams, hills, valleys, farmland, cultural and historic sites, and rural communities set our landscape apart. To learn more about some of the efforts Cumberland Region Tomorrow and other organizations in our area are doing to preserve these places clink on the links below.


Regional Air and Water Quantity and Quality

The general health of present and future generations of residents is directly linked to the region’s overall environmental quality. Individual wells, municipal wells, and rivers are the primary sources of potable water. It is our responsibility to protect these irreplaceable water resources and the natural processes that clean and replenish them from incompatible development and poor land management practices.  Focused efforts to conserve critical land, water and natural resource assets are essential to our region’s values and quality of life.


Regional Economic Competitiveness

Far from being competing goals, economic development is actually predicated on quality growth and sustainable development. Our approach must seek balance. We live and work in a spectacular part of this country. At CRT, we believe that with education and hard work it will remain the great region that we know today.

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