2014 POWER OF TEN Regional Summit


The 2014 POWER OF TEN Regional Summit will bring together 700+ public and private sector regional leaders on April 30th, 2014 in Nashville’s TPAC Polk Theater to continue our region’s dialogue and action on key issues of regional importance. This sixth POWER OF TEN Regional Summit will focus on our key regional issue of Land Use and Quality Growth with the title “Redeveloping Middle Tennessee’s Communities: Infill, Innovation, Investment.”

The sixth annual POWER OF TEN Regional Summit will provide updates on expert research and trends that demonstrate Middle Tennessee’s implementation toward our six issues of regional importance, along with up to date information from national, state, regional, and local leaders regarding the event topic of Community Redevelopment. Middle Tennessee local and state officials along with business and community leaders will discuss current actions that support effective community redevelopment to meet Middle Tennessee’s future needs and opportunities.

At the 2014 Summit, national and peer region leaders will share economic research results, experiences, and best practices that we can apply in Middle Tennessee. Our 2014 State Keynote will share experiences and lessons from TDOT’s outstanding efforts to connect transportation, land use planning, and investments that are supporting successful community redevelopment and sound fiscal stewardship for Tennessee.

Middle Tennessee Mayors Caucus Panelists will provide updates on “How We’re Doing” in regard to our key regional issue of Land Use and Quality Growth and showcase the successful broad regional implementation in community redevelopment that is positioning Middle Tennessee to enhance our communities, economy, and assets. The Regional Leaders Panel will provide progress reports on our key regional issue of Transportation/Transit and updates on NashvilleNext planning efforts that connect to our entire region.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean will provide our traditional Regional Call to Action, and the winners of Cumberland Region Tomorrow’s annual Regional Thinking and Action Awards will be announced. The annual regional and state reception will conclude the day.

Be on the lookout for weekly POWER OF TEN event announcements each Thursday morning. Registration will open in the next few weeks and more Summit details will be forthcoming.

Cumberland Region Tomorrow is an organization with a single goal: to make a difference in our region’s future. We know you share that goal. To learn about our region’s opportunities, make your plans to attend the 2014 POWER OF TEN Regional Summit on April 30th, 2014.


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