2009 Convening the Region Summit: Regional Transit System Development

The Cumberland Region Tomorrow 2009 Convening the Region Summit was held in Nashville Tennessee on May 26th at the War Memorial Auditorium. The key regional issue of focus was Regional Transit System Development. Over 400 regional attendees representing key partner organizations across the CRT ten-county region attended. The event brought together CRT, the Nashville Area MPO and TDOT together as Co-Hosts and a bevy of other partner organizations. A total of 30+ public and private organizations provided direct or in-kind support that made the event extremely successful.

The 2009 Summit Leadership Team consisted of Gary Scott – Summit Chair, Sam Hatcher – Regional Communications Chair, Michael Skipper – Nashville Area MPO, Ed Cole – TDOT, Charles Bone, Bridget Jones and Dave Keiser.

Key Summit event results included:

  • Led the first ever Pre-Summit Research Project the provides base line data to guide our regional focus and collaborative efforts in conjunction with Prince Market Research
  • Collaborated with and managed an impressive group of 32 regional sponsors and partners that contributed to the success of the 2009 Summit
  • Created The Power of Ten logo/comprehensive event branding for the 2009 Summit and enjoyed great media coverage in partnership with Dye Van Mol Lawrence
  • Worked with Fregonese & Associates to create a 12 minute video presentation and regional data update for the 2009 Summit
  • Worked with the Nashville Area MPO to create a new research and mapping partnership for all ten CRT counties, that was the basis for the 2035 Regional Growth and Development Trends portion of the 2009 Summit
  • Provided a great educational program to 400+ attendees that received professional development credit through strategic partnerships with AIA Middle Tennessee, Nashville Area MPO/APA, and UT Institute of Public Service MTAS/CTAS
  • Hosted three regional experts from Charlotte, Austin and Denver that created great interest and momentum toward a regional vision for transit in our region
  • Provided a great platform for regional and national political leaders to share their views and support for regional collaboration and regional transit system development
  • Awarded the first ever Awards for Regional Thinking and Action to DeWitt Ezell, Steve Turner and Jack Turner
  • Extensively retooled our CRT website to support the promotion, marketing and communications efforts for the 2009 Summit and created The Power of Ten Regional Update e-newsletter tool for pre and post summit regional web-based communication efforts that position CRT to become the lead regional organization to distribute regional information in our areas of interest
  • As a result of the Summit, CRT was invited to participate with Mayor Dean’s office to participate in creating a Regional Transit Initiative


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