Awards for Regional Thinking & Action

Addressing our ten-county region’s Shared Issues of Importance requires commitment to objectives and extraordinary collaborative efforts.   Often the critical role of personal and professional leadership towards advancing the concepts of Regionalism, Quality Growth, and Sustainable Development is known, but not always recognized.

Cumberland Region Tomorrow, a regional collaborative partnership for the ten-county region, works to recognize and reward successful examples of Quality Growth across the region.  Through the annual Awards for Regional Thinking and Action, our region recognizes key private and public sector leaders that have made significant contributions in creating a more economical competitive, livable, and sustainable Middle Tennessee.


2012 Awards in Regional Thinking & Action

Cumberland Region Tomorrow presented the 2012 CRT Awards for Regional Thinking and Action to three well deserving individuals and organizations.

Public Sector-The Honorable Ken Moore

As Mayor of the City of Franklin, Moore was recognized for his tremendous contribution to Regionalism as our 2012 public sector recipient.   On May 23rd, 2012 as he was presented the Leadership in Regional Thinking and Action Award.

Mayor Moore has shown commitment towards regionalism and Quality Growth. Mayor Moore serves as the Chair of the Middle Tennessee Mayors Caucus, which is providing important leadership to our top regional issue of regional Transportation/Transit system development.  He also providing critical leadership to our top regional issues of Land Use/Quality Growth through Franklin’s nationally recognized Main Street and Historic Preservation efforts, Open Space Conservation through their current Parks and Greenways – Community Connections initiative, and membership in the Middle Tennessee Transit Academy.

Private Sector-Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Partnership 2020 leaders Ralph Schulz and Janet Miller were recognized for their tremendous contribution to Regional Thinking and Action as our 2012 private sector recipients.  Both Schulz and Miller are responsible for Middle Tennessee’s excellent track record with regional economic development efforts for the last 20 years through Partnership 2020 collaborative efforts, a nationally rated economic development program.  The Nashville Chamber of Commerce is also recognized as top national Chamber organization among peer regions and a collaborator with Brookings Institute Regionalism national efforts.


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