The 2013 POWER OF TEN Regional Summit will bring together 400+ public and private leaders on May 1st in Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium to continue our region’s dialogue and action on key issues of regional importance. This fifth POWER OF TEN Regional Summit will focus on the regional issue of Land Use and Quality Growth, with the title “Enhancing Middle Tennessee’s Communities — Live, Work, Play, Invest.” The 2013 summit’s agenda features a diverse lineup of speakers, panelists, and leading thinkers from across our region, state, and country. National and peer region leaders including Mitch Silver of Raleigh, North Carolina along with others from Memphis, Jackson, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, Tennessee will share experiences, results, and best practices that we can apply in Middle Tennessee. TDOT Commissioner John Schroer, as our 2013 State Keynote speaker and event co-sponsor, will share experiences and lessons from TDOT’s outstanding efforts to connect transportation, land use planning, and investments that are providing good fiscal stewardship for Tennessee.


The 2013 summit will also focus on recent developments in our ten-county Middle Tennessee Region. We will provide 2013 regional research findings on priorities for community and economic development, planning, and investments from leading national expert Robin Rather. Middle Tennessee Mayors Caucus Panelists will provide updates on “How We’re Doing” in regard to our key regional issue of Land Use and Quality Growth and showcase the successful broad regional implementation in comprehensive planning that is positioning Middle Tennessee to enhance our communities and assets. Regional Leaders Panelists will provide progress reports on our key regional issues of Transportation/Transit and Economic Competitiveness and discuss current progress and what the future holds for successful implementation on these issues as well. Nashville Mayor Karl Dean will provide our traditional Regional Call to Action, and the winners of Cumberland Region Tomorrow’s annual Regional Thinking and Action Awards will be announced. The annual regional and state reception will conclude the day.


Cumberland Region Tomorrow is an organization with a single goal: to make a difference in our region’s future. We know you share that goal. To learn about our region’s opportunities, make your plans to attend the 2013 POWER OF TEN Regional Summit on May 1st, 2013.


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